PDF How to browse (and edit)? Similar to Gwenview

I have a lot of scanned documents which I OCR’ed with pdfsandwich (great program!).

However, naming or tagging them is another beast:

Okular cannot browse them (unlike gwenview)
Okular cannot rename in view mode (unlike gwenview)
Gwenview cannot handle PDF
Dolphin can browse but the preview is of miserable size

Current workflow is:

  • starting in dolphin
  • opening with okular
  • copy some topic/tag
  • closing okular
  • renaming it in dolphin

Quite nasty as it is also quite error prone (which file did I just see of those?)…

Would you have an idea how to browse PDF (and rename them if needed)?

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Try to open and edit your pdf files with libre office draw, really practice to edit, modify, rename… the pdf.

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Thanks for the quick response :heart_eyes:

Still, there is no rename, just the regular save and export stuff… At least not in my libre office draw, does yours have it (like F2 or in the menu)?

PS: Also, it overlays the OCR-text visibly

Oh, this was unexpected: After sieving through the collection at

I almost gave up but tried Windows/WINE… and SumatraPDF actually does allow instant renaming :partying_face:

Still, no browsing yet…