Permission denied to change KWallet settings

Hey there,

trying to deaktivate the Kwallet-system in the KDE-System-Settings gives me this error message (basically: Permission denied):

Translated by me:

Error in Authentification-Action:
Error in D-Bus-Background-program: Start of Sevice org.kde.kcontrol.kcmkwallet5 failed: Failed to execute program org.kde.kcontrol.kcmkwallet5: Permission denied

How can I solve this?
Any help would be much appreciated.

Best greetings from Germany

I found the reason for the problem:

I had restored this system from a tar-ball. And the tarball was corrupted because ACL and XATTR were not enabled when it was created.

Solution: Setup a completely new system. Backups now only with ACL and XATTR enabled.