Pin Plasma Panel to Specific Display

Good Evening,

I was wondering if there’s an easy way to only show a plasma panel on a specific display. I use an Asus Zenbook as my primary PC, and this laptop is one of the models with a screenpad, essentially an additional display on the touchpad. With this laptop, I also sometimes use up to 2 external monitors.

My current panel setup has one panel on each main display (internal and the 2 external monitors), however, if I am using less than the 2 external displays along with the screenpad (screenpad may be on or off depending on specific activity), the panel I have set up for my external monitors appears on the screenpad instead.

Ideally, panels would appear on the main internal and the external displays, but never the screenpad, no matter the display arrangement. This is what the manage panels and desktops in edit mode looks like with one external display and the screenpad:

Is there a way to force the screenpad to always show screen 4 (has no panel), or hide the panels on screens 2 and 3 when the display they are showing on is the Screenpad (ScreenXpert, HDMI-A-2 in the above, but the logical HDMI number sometimes changes)?

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