Plan "b" for when ubuntu is no longer a viable/desirable/etc base for kde neon?

A tuxedo representative responded with how they do things in the other thread you made.

They do not blindly pull from the Neon repo, they do their own testing on their own hardware only first.
I did not ask, but it sounds to me like they have their own people running the testing, again, only on THEIR hardware, not a community driven approach like KDE.

What he said is:

I’m happy to hear any other ideas and discuss possibilities for KDE and Neon to profit from.

That is not the same thing as “willing to do”.
They have tried with QA in the past but failed due to their tight scheduling it seems.

In the recent past, we tried to help with bug reports and QA for Neon as well. But honestly, we failed due to missing time and other priorities.

I think what he is saying here is they used to also make bug reports to KDE Neon, but failed due to time constraints, not that they were helping KDE Neon USERS directly. (QA vs Q&A)

It’s an interesting idea, but with that idea KDE could ALSO start working with ANY distro, Tuxedo just happens to pull from neon directly.