Plasma 5.27 is running X11

I just installed the lastest KDE Neon, running Plasma 5.27, and by default it’s using X11. I can’t see a way to select Wayland at log in, or otherwise?
TIA for help!

install plasma-wayland-session. Then you should be able to select wayland on login screen

I had searched for that package, and it’s not available.

sudo apt list plasma-wayland*
reveals only:

Sorry, my bad. On ubuntu base systems package name is actually plasma-workspace-wayland it seems

The package is actually plasma-workspace-wayland, and should come with neon by default.

You should just be able to click on the "Desktop Session label at the bottom left of the login screen to select a different choice.

If you are not seeing this, something is broken, somehow.

This IS the strangest thing. A few days of installing various versions of Plasma, including 2 installs of KDE Neon, updates, reboots, etc.

And while I’m 100% sure that menu option wasn’t available before, I see it now, and it’s working. And well, maybe I just missed it. (I’m fairly cognizant even though I 'm an old fart.)

Anyway, it’s obvious this forum works magic. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the quick responses!

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