Plasma 5 Wayland only shows latency under composing

Hello, I’m trying to make blur work on my system, animations are working fine and without problem but I can’t blur Alacritty despite installing force-blur and typing the class name. I have been told by old forum posts to change compositor settings and enable opengl 3 but there is only latency and nothing else. I’m on Wayland, Arch Linux. Am I missing something?

Also, I know my computer is capable despite not having a dedicated GPU because I did try blur on hyprland.

Force blur script does not work on Wayland.

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The setting to force a particular compositing backend was removed years ago. Unfortunately a lot of information you find online is inaccurate today (if it was even accurate at the time it was written). The whole page is actually removed in Plasma 6 because latency has been improved to the point where it no longer makes sense to ask the user to make a trace-off.


Thank you for the explanation, one thing I don’t get though, is blur impossible in wayland?

No, the Blur effect does work. Did you check if it’s enabled under Desktop Effects and that KWin’s compositing hasn’t failed? (It would display an error message in the system tray if this happens.)

Also this sounds more of an Alacritty issue, does blur work on something like Konsole?

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Hmm, I just tried Konsole and yes blur works, I also tried to run Alacritty with XWayland backend by typing “env -u WAYLAND_DISPLAY alacritty” to ensure force blur script works unfortunately, probably due to the window policies I put for Alacritty it does not show up. It technically boots because there is a process but Wayland can’t show the screen.

edit: nevermind, it shows, just on the wrong screen.
edit2: solved that too with the “screen” window rule.

Thank you all for the information.

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