Plasma 6: Desktop portal seems to be broken, returning "Failed to connect to pipewire context"

The title pretty much says it all, but I have had a rather annoying issue with Plasma 6 on Gentoo (OpenRC) and now Alpine linux, where every time I try to screenshare/record the screen on wayland, using the desktop portal it throws an error “Could not connect to pipewire context”. I have made sure that pipewire is properly installed and working on both distros and that plasma 6 is setup correctly. The issue only started happening when I updated said systems from the last version of plasma 5 to plasma 6. To sanity check, I also installed a separate desktop (gnome on alpine and hyprland on gentoo) along with their appropriate desktop portals and screensharing works just fine, so it’s obviously an issue with plasma 6.

I am however hesitant as to who to report it to, or if I should report it as a bug all. As, well it is fully possible that I am doing something wrong, that breaks plasma 6 and plasma 6 only in both cases, however from talking to other people online, it does seem to a fairly common issue with plasma 6 on at least gentoo and alpine.

Any help/discussion here will be greatly appreciated…