Plasma 6 not displaying Qsynth applet icon

Hi, after upgrading to Plasma 6, I noticed that the applet icon for Qsynth does not display in system-tray any longer.

Yes there is a blank space in system-tray for Qsynth (clicking on it does open the app).

find /usr/share/icons -name “qsynth

Do you have any ideas on this?

Edit: I noticed once that opening VLC and closing it caused the Qsynth icon to display. This has not happened since that one instance or across login/logout of Plasma 6.

Is it an invisible clickable rectangle in the top left corner of the top left screen (if you have multiple screens)?

No it is not. I should have included a picture or screenshot with my first message. I have attached a photo of the invisible Qsynth icon now.

I suppose that’s what was reported there 1222200 – Plasma 6 System Tray does not display Qsynth icon.

qsynth has a messages log window. The last line on startup is:

uint DBusMenuExporterDBus::GetLayout(int, int, const QStringList&, DBusMenuLayoutItem&): Condition failed: menu

Hi, I reported the Bugzilla. Yes, the applet icon displays when a midi event occurs. Such as a vkeybd virtual-keyboard key is pressed.

Plasma 5 the applet icon displayed on startup.

FTR, - Fixed system-tray icon to a 32x32 pixmap. · rncbc/qsynth@1392081 · GitHub fixes the issue.