Plasma 6 sddm themes missing the keyboard layout option

I have 2 differents keyboad layouts, one is the keyboard coming with the laptop and the other is a usb one connected to laptop dock.

I used to select the appropriate layout from sddm login but since the update to plasma 6 the layout button is gone making me unable to login to the desktop if I find myself in the wrong situation.

I cannot find any documentation about this or a way to get this button back.

further testing is raising a weird discrepancy.

testing the theme with:
sddm-greeter-qt6 --test-mode --theme /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze

in test mode the theme does offer the option to choose a keyboard layout.
but when in actual use this button is removed.

so it is not the theme itself lacking the feature but an issue when it is invoked.

could it be some kind of autodetection that fails to notice there are two layouts installed and set in plasma system settings ?