Plasma 6 Update - is anyone going to help?

I now have a non-working KDE Neon system. And there seems to be no proper help or support or advice.
I have used KDE Neon for several years, I’m used to the odd glitch but this seems to be the worst I’ve ever experienced.
What should we be doing?

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I know this is frustrating but if there hasn’t been any advice, people probably just haven’t figured out how to help yet.

This post has no information what is wrong, so nobody can help. Best thing to do is to stick to one thread and update it with information.

Sorry, there are only so many hours a day. People are trying to help, but this was big update.

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that’s fine, I did post everything I have in the thread “Plasma 6 update, desktop won’t load” and got no response.
I’ve seen the other threads since then but I don’t think anything is relevant.

More importantly, I’m holding off applying updates on my work system, which is also KDE Neon. How will we know when we will be safe to update?

well, the good news is that I’ve managed to fix it. I can’t say that it was using a scientific method - the issue seemed to have been my nvidia display drivers.

Running these two commands and rebooting did the trick:

sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*
sudo apt-get remove --purge "nvidia*"

on reboot, I was able to log in normally and all seems to be working

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