Plasma 6: Window Button Applet workaround

People love the Window Buttons Applet by Psifidotos.

I’ve been trying to build/port it to plasma 6. I could not find out a way to get the window decoration icons for the current theme. As we know it’s not possible to install C++ based applets from the KDE Store.

Here’s an idea:
Can I not use Plasma5Support.DataSource to run shell scripts that fetch me all the paths for the installed themes. I can then navigate them to get the icons needed. This way I can put the applet on KDE Store, and also make it much easier to manage.

I need your thoughts on this, and if I should proceed with this or will I just waste my time.

I was considering doing that myself, making a qml only alternative of that widget without the icons from theme feature, but since this plasma 6 fork is enough for me I decided not to continue with my own. Hope it gets fully ported.