Plasma/Kickoff Configuration

Plasma/Kickoff provides functionality similar to WIN10’s start menu. I’m curious if there are configuration tweaks a user can make to:

Not display names under favorites.

Decrease the size of favorite icons.

Group multiple favorites into a combined icon which can be compressed and expanded.

It is awesome how Plasma/Kickoff can be expanded to almost cover the entire screen so icon size and name are less of a concern.

Having a look in the Plasma configuration file may prove as useful to see if there is any mention of display resolutions.

When creating a desktop file on Linux that include just the right strings/arguments you can configure almost anything.

Just a few ideas.

HI Alex,

That is an interesting idea. I checked ~/.config for plasma* files but didn’t find any Kickoff references.


You’re welcome.

It’s been my experience that when I do enough searching and looking around online to see what folks are saying it’s a usually a sure bet that I find out the answers to my questions.

Good luck!