Plasma night light functionality omission

Hello everyone,

I have noticed one thing, the night light feature seems to account for every possible use case except the most simple one, the ability to toggle the feature on/off without scheduling it automatically. If the setting is configured always off, I don’t have a toggle slider in the display system tray applet, it takes me to the setting module to configure it. If I configure it, I can either schedule it, or have it always on and it defaults to on after every boot, even if I turn the toggle off. I use the feature selectively and it should be like Windows 11, you have all the optional scheduling fanciness, but you can still toggle the setting as you please from the system tray and it is remembered at each boot.

What does everyone else think of this? I’m assuming it is a bug in the system tray applet as it should still remember if the user turned it off and not always default to on after every boot.

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