Plasma's K menu in Fedora 37 is sluggish


I’m using Fedora 37 with Plasma desktop 5.27.4. The K menu is noticeable sluggish and
I don’t know what affects it. The application menus open with a 1 second delay.

I’m running Plasma under Xorg.

Edit: more details: my laptop is Acer F5-572G with Intel HD Graphics 520 (i915 kernel module, intel xorg driver), the CPU is i5-6200u, 8 gigs of RAM. I have a SATA SSD.

Changing workspace behavior/general behavior/animation speed to instant didn’t help.

Disabling desktop effects didn’t help. Disabling file indexing didn’t help.


Created a bug report about this:

interesting akikoo. tell me I’m curious how bad is this sluggishness versus the diamond feature that might be causing it?. an idea you could write a gui application featuring all the applications (or more than the handful on display in the klauncher). I’d say its worth it. and good on you for putting forth effort to address this error.

Here are the two screen recording I made about it (one from Kubuntu 22.04/Xorg/Plasma 5.24.7 and the other from Fedora 37/Xorg/Plasma 5.27.4):

I don’t know what was the issue, but I reinstalled the Fedora 37 Plasma spin and the problem was gone…