Plasmashell won't launch on custom debian fork

As the title states, plasmashell simply won’t launch. kwin loads fine after the splash screen and apps launched in a tty (after exporting DISPLAY=:0.0) show correctly, but without plasmashell there is no desktop and no taskbar making the system effectively unusable. I am only allowed 1 image, so I have combined the wayland error code and x11 error code into one image, in that order.

This may be caused by a core section of our system which mounts /etc and /usr as read only. Other than this immutability and the underlying abroot system that allows it to work, this is standard debian. Our repositories are carbon copied from debian for pretty much all packages not directly related to abroot or apx, and the underlying system is the same.

I am beyond baffled at this point after several hours of trying basically everything I can think of (and waiting for it all to compile)

Should have initially specified that our base is debian sid

Thanks for the info.

I would like to correct, usr is read only but /etc is not, rather it is symlinked to .system, our user editable partition.