Please help, How to get online qoutes from other websites

need help to add this website as a new source for online quotes

Has this not been solved in Not able to online update stock price on kmymoney ?

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That was about yahoo finance quotes not working , that was solved and working fine now. But many of my country stocks and bonds are not available on yahoo finance.

This is new website, which I want to add as a new source for online quotes.

These websites have those stocks and bonds that are missing in yahoo finance.

I kindly request you to help in adding either of above mentioned websites as a new source for online quotes

Thank you

Can you provide a demo symbol that you are interested in?

Requires a login before any data is provided. This may not work at all as the data needs to be directly accessible for KMyMoney.

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Symbol: SGBAUG28V

It is SOVEREIGN GOLD BONDS 2.50% AUGUST 2028 SR-V 2020-21 (IN0020200161)

I quickly glimpsed into that. This website heavily depends on dynamic page modificaiton going on and it seems that the current logic provided by KMyMoney and Alkimia cannot extract the price information from this site. At least, I was not able to spot it.

But I am happy to be corrected if someone finds out.

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Thank you for your efforts