Post Blogs on Discuss automatically

Hey there!

Not sure if this is possible, but it would be nice if the blogs from could be cross posted here by the Profile - system - Discuss bot (or any other automatic system). I think Community is a good place (I’m open to suggestions if this is not the right place)

Reasons why:

  • I like to read the blog posts but sometimes I just forget the site because I don’t visit it so often as other websites (like Discuss).

  • Imo Discuss should be the primary resource to get KDE Info’s or news (not phoronix or reddit like I usally get my info’s)
    Make Discuss the primary source of KDE stuff, not some 3rd party websites!

  • Some people might not even be aware of the excellent blogs!

Reasons why not:

  • Maybe this is more difficult to implement than I think it is?

  • ???

Let me know what you think!


Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

@carl @sitter

Technically possible using the rss polling plugin. GitHub - discourse/discourse-rss-polling It simply creates a discuss discussion for every blog post in a dedicated category. I am wondering if the community has some opinions on this? It certainly would make it unnecessary to manually forward posts for discussion.


Will it be in its own category “Planet”, so it doesn’t clutter up anything else?


That’s not a bad idea. Or it could be named “News and announcements” or something maybe.

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Indeed, that’s how we should do it.


Cool, I say we try it and see how it goes.

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I doubt it would clutter anything. There is like a post every few days.

I still think it would fit in Community but I don’'t care that much where it gets posted.


This sounds good as long as it’s in it’s own category and users who prefer can filter it out if they don’t want to see the extra posts.


As mentioned in the ML, I have implemented Kossebau’s suggestion for Planet on my machine. My idea now is:

  • We go with the opt-in mode: an author needs to set discuss = 1 in the config block for their feed to have it posted to Discuss;
  • Then I’ll push the changes to Planet with Nate’s feed “discuss’ed”. Other authors can follow suit later;
  • Discuss then can use the feed at

How do you think?


sounds good to me :+1:

Please have a look Support publishing to Discuss (!167) · Merge requests · Websites / Planet KDE · GitLab


I’ve set this up now as part of the community category:

Let’s see how it goes.


@phunh can we change the feed to only include a single post per author? currently when someone enables discuss=1 multiple of their old posts get aggregated into discuss, “spamming” the timeline

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It’s done. Could you check if that resolves the issue? Maybe @Herzenschein can re-add the config flag?

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Just reverted my revert. :eyes:

The issue is resolved now :slight_smile:

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Did something break? The bot stopped adding new posts.

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Somehow a setting magically reverted. Not sure why but it’s back to what it is supposed to be :person_shrugging: