Prevent windows from moving en masse to laptop display

I’m use Plasma 5.25.5 X11 on Kubuntu 22.04 LTS in a Lenovo ThinkBook 16p G2 ACH with no Linux support whatsoever, so I’m used to glitches. That’s life.

I’ve recently changed my set up and now I connect to my main external monitor using a USB-C to miniDisplayPort cable, and this monitor connects to a second external monitor using DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport. I keep the laptop display enabled, so I have three screens.

When I take a break, I lock Plasma session and I turn off my monitors as usual (if I forget to do so, main monitor eventually goes to sleep mode anyway). When I come back, I turn on my monitors and that causes the laptop display to go blank. I get it back as soon as I unlock my session, but by then every single window has moved to the laptop screen.

Is this behaviour expected, or there’s something I could to?

Not expected, sounds like a bug. Multimonitor behavior improved a lot in Plasma 5.27; I would recommend using to that version by upgrading to Kubuntu 23.04. In my general experience, you’ll often have a better plasma experience on Kubuntu by following the latest releases, rather than sticking with the LTS releases.

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