Price Editor in KMM won't delete (some) entries

I’m running KMM Version 5.1.3-3408d1edc on Linux.
I tried to delete some price entries in the price editor that I don’t need anymore.
It appears to me that the entries were deleted randomly, some are deleted, some won’t.
Are there some conditions around the deletion that are not obvious and that will prevent the deletion of an entry?
Perhaps someone can shed some light on this issue.

Usually, only the most recent price is shown. In case you delete it, the then most recent price will appear. Make sure to check the Show all stored prices checkbox, then select all prices you want to delete.

That worked like a charm.
However, :smile:, when I than opened ‘update stock and currency prices’; it still showed in the window some of the previously deleted entries. I’m assuming they wouldn’t be in this list anymore since I deleted them before.
What do I miss here? Do I have wait some time before they disappearing from the system?
Any tips available?

Deleting individual price entries (for specific dates) does not delete the stock or currency itself. If you are seeing price entries you think you have deleted, be sure, when you click “show all prices,” that there are not actually multiple price entries for the same date. It probably shouldn’t be allowed, but I think it can happen.