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Received private messages here at can be found in the ‘notifications tab’, but is there any way to go to the ‘general’ private messages section? Also, how can be seen the ‘sent’ private messages? Maybe it is obvious, but I don’t seem to be able to find them :thinking:


I’m guessing that you are looking for this.

Yes, except that I don’t have that option:

Wow! That’s strange.

If you go to your profile, can you see them there?

I see that you just joined the forums a few hours ago. That might have something to do with it. As you get promoted, you receive the ability to do more things.

By the way, I just sent you a test message, so maybe you can see it.

Has it anything to do with the trust level?

I was able to see your message in the notifications, but not the ‘message’ option, then a moment later I got a new message saying I had been promoted too soon trust level and voila, the message section is there! :thinking:

So apparently I can use it now. But it’s interesting that a new user cannot see it by default.


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Very likely yes

Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

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That is to stop spam bots.

I’m glad you are fixed up. Have a great day. :grinning:

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