Problem with Net Worth Graph

Version 5.1.3. Net Worth Graph in the default configuration has a lone peak of $74M (I wish…) for November 2023. Changing the filters, I found it is caused by my main Checking account. I tried to further narrow it down by eliminating categories, but got little change: the peak went down a little when removing all categories. Changing the range to “daily” instead of monthly changes all values a bit (peak is now $53M), and shows that the peak is actually seven days wide, starting Dec 14 2023. To see this, I had changed the default range of last 12 months to 11/1/23-12/31/23. There is nothing in my Checking account for that period that might explain the problem. Playing some more with the range parameter, I found that the peak goes away if I start the range far enough back in time. With the 12-month period starting on 5/18/23, I found that the problem disappears if I move the starting back to 01/15/23 exactly.