Problem with SMB in Dolphin in Plasma6 on openSUSE

Hi all,

just a quick question where I don’t know where to post it exactly, so this is my first guess…

I’m currently running Plasma6 RC1 in an openSUSE Tumbleweed VM to test it and also help find some bugs. Basically it’s running really smooth, but I’ve faced a strange behaviour: I can no longer access smb shares in Dolphin.


I always get this message. Is this a known bug in Plasma/KDE or is there a problem with the packaging in openSUSE?

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I also couldn’t find any missing packages in my installation that would point me in the right direction. (searched for smb, samba, kio, …)

This looks like a problem with the kio-extras packaging

It’s another one of those things where SUSE decides to make packages “recommended,” instead of “required.” The little things do add up though. Like not opening the network printing ports on the firewall. At least mention it in the Add A Printer setup. These are easily fixable things and I don’t understand the SUSE team’s decisions on these matters.

BTW, don’t think I am anti-SUSE. I run Tumbleweed and Slowroll, but I will call them out on things.

Ok, the package was installed already… I did a reinstall and smb now works again :+1: