Problema with fresh install

i have done a fersh install of kde neon, and everything was good exept fro one thing. The repos. I personaly found them not up-to-date and without the necessary software/drivers. on my laptop i wasn’t able to enable the built in spekers for example. I love kde neon because at the moment I one of few distros that ship the laetst plasma desktop env. how can i fix these problems? shuold i enable other repos like the ubuntu 23 ones? what i have to do? BTW i am a new linux user so i don’t know what I should do

not to metion dependencies problem when installing certain packages. The simple Software and update package won’t run for dependencies reasons

Snap/Flatpak for newer software versions - Flatpaks iirc are the main source in Discover, and at worst you choose which version and -package type to install, if multiples choices are available.

That may be hardware-specific, and not necessarily related to the “old” Ubuntu 22.04 base (the 6.5 kernel and updated mesa video drivers are not ancient by any means.) If you have very recent hardware, you may need a more cutting edge distro. I assume the speakers work in other distros?

No, unless you intend to break your system :smiley: You can’t mix and match distro releases. The kernel and driver stack in neon’s base OS (Ubuntu 22.04) are actually updated by Ubuntu, to the same ones found in 23.10.

Asking questions is the first thing you should do :wink: :+1: so you are already off to a good start. Providing people with exact, specific error messages, as well as some hardware details will better help us help you. tbh, I have no idea what The simple Software and update package is, or where you sourced it, for example.

However, something like neon will be more difficult for a new user. Not saying to try something else, but just be prepared to get your hands dirty, and have backups. It isn’t difficult to use, but if you do expect everything to be minty fresh, and try to make it that way (outside of Plasma) it may be a lot of work, and you probably will break something. But that will happen with any distro.

However, once you have just a bit of Linux experience, and know what to expect, and how to repair or recover from mistakes (and some bugs), things will be a LOT easier.

thank you, i will try