Problems with automatically opening a file with the extension .tar.bz2

I have been using Krusader for a very long time, and now also under Manjaro.

But since a few weeks I have the problem that a file cannot be opened.
But now one after the other.

  1. i save a file with the extension .tar.bz2 in my home directory under downloads.

  2. so far I called the crusader and went into the “system administration mode” to be able to work with root rights.

Then the last view opened automatically and I could copy the content of the automatically opened file to the other folder ( /lib/Seamonkey ) by pressing F5.
But now it no longer recognizes the file and no longer goes to the last view.
If I use Engrampa to open the file, everything works fine.

Now the question arises why it does not find the file, no matter if it has red rights
or not.

I can’t find anything in the settings or am I missing something?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards R.Lehmeier