Proposal for new KDE applications

I’ve written some useful applications with Qt6, and I’d like to propose them to KDE team. Could you have a look at them and tell your opinion?

Any chance that some of them will become a part of KDE?

Thank you.

Regarding the Markdown Tools you could also try to improve the already existing plug-in for Kate et al. (Markdown Viewer KPart) or to improve ghostwriter with the help of your code.

As a non-developer I don’t know if this would be feasable at all, of course…

Thank you for your comment. Ok, I see that Markdown Tools will not be accepted by ideological cause.

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No, that is not at all what I was trying to say - it was just an additional thought.
There are several applications that do similar things among KDE Gear - please don’t feel discouraged!

Thank you, guys, I have a chance and hope.