Qt Group | sustainability survey (deadline: 15 March)

The Qt Group is interested to hear from their Open Source community about sustainability topics. It’d be great for KDE contributors to give feedback on where they could do better! The survey is estimated to take about 10 minutes.

Deadline: 15 March 2024

Survey link:



Sustainability at Qt Group is driven by a focused approach, based on assessment of those sustainability issues most relevant to our operations and core stakeholders. You are among our most important stakeholders, and your views are essential for steering our continuous improvement. We therefore kindly ask you to take 10 minutes to fill out this anonymous online survey.

This assessment supports our commitment to running a sustainable business and complying with the requirements of CSRD, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Responding to this survey will greatly help us in completing our materiality assessment as well as advancing our broader sustainability goals. This survey will also provide you a chance to flag those environmental, social or economic issues that are most important to you.

Please respond by March 15th, 2024.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

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