QT6 Discover and Flatpak

Ive been spending the last 2 days building Plasma 6 so i can test things out and Ive run into a bit of a pickle regarding building Discover with QT6. When i do it builds fine with latest appstream 1.0.0 BUT flatpak doesnt work with it and fails to build with appstream 1.0.0

So my question is am i missing something or is this currently expected? Is there a way to have Discover working with flatpak on plasma 6 or is it just in limbo till the transition finishes or appstream 1.0.0 is official and flatpak updates for it?

Its a bit beyond my skill level to work out the multitude of build errors flatpak has with appstream 1.0.0 unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Please try again, it should be fixed with flatpak: Adopt ComponentBox for metadata components (96a8b7dc) · Commits · Plasma / Discover · GitLab

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It does indeed seem to be fixed now, it builds with my system appstream and can search flathub :tada: