Question about flaged topic

I was about to ask for help with kwin script when I received a number of notifications telling me that my posts had been flaged.

Can anyone explain why? I don’t feel like I did anything wrong with these posts.

The first one is a request for help while I’m trying to learn how to develop things for KDE, where I got only irrelevant answers…

And the second one was a real proposal where I was expecting to discuss with other people about the subject.

Can someone at least tell me what I did wrong so I don’t do it again?

Thanks in advance.

Looking at your posting history it looks like you did nothing wrong.

My guess is you triggered some automatic spam protection system since your posts with links in it got flagged.

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It’s an automatic thing that flag post by new users who post a bit too fast or send links. There is some false positive, so I generally check the moderation queue regularly.

I have now manually approved it.


Ok thanks for the explanation :grin:

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