Question from a Latte newbie

I recently became curious enough about docks to try adding Latte to my Solus Plasma system. Everything went well, and I found it very intuitive to use. And, if anything, it frees up a bit of display real-estate, because the “bottom” panel is now a somewhat smaller “top” panel, and Latte hides and reveals itself intelligently.

After rearranging the launchers to match the location of the items in my Workstation Switcher in the top panel, I found one small problem: I can’t move the launcher representing Dolphin to the location where I’d prefer it (next to the terminal launcher). It appears to be immovable. Is it really? If so, why?

As a big fan of consistency, that annoys me. Is that one launcher really immovable, or have I just not figured out the secret yet?

Possibly because it is a on the dock as a launcher widget rather in the task manager?

Latte is no longer actively maintained afaik.