Questions about Konversation

[The Konversation handbook is years out of date (2005), and the Get Help page of 1) still points to the old forums, 2) has a link to the handbook does NOT point to the handbook, and 3) points to the Wiki, which says that page has been proposed for deleting. None of that is very user friendly.]

I was using Konversation and was told I couldn’t post on the channel. (That is not a Konversation issue, but likely a permission issue related to that server.) In process of figuring out the problem, I disconnected from that irc server and joined the same channel on a different server. However, since I had already closed the tab, I couldn’t simply copy what I had tried to send.

Am I correct that message is really completely gone, and there is no temporary place it might still be retrieved, as I have not closed konversation, just the tabs for that channel and server.

Of course I found the answer minutes after posting. I don’t know if it is the default, or if I had previously configured logging, I found the log in ~/.local/share/konversation/logs.server-name_#channel-name.log.