Quicklaunch - Multiple konsole launchers with different command line options

I’ve been using the ‘quicklaunch’ widget for a long time and love it.
I’d like to have multiple ‘konsole’ launchers that have different command line options so that I can ssh to different hosts on my network. Currently, if I create two konsole launchers and modify the “Application->Arguments” value, it changes that field in all konsole launchers.
Is having them with separate options possible?

First, use the menu editor (right-click the menu button on a standard panel, choose “Edit Applications”) to add items to a submenu. Note that the arguments to the “Program” now have their separate setting, and you’ll have “Program” set to just konsole. Test them from the menu.

Then, it’s easy to add your new menu items to a quick launcher, or whatever.

I’ve found it a good practice to always make launchers like this, regardless of where they are put, such as on panels or on the desktop. It’s easy to trash widgets and lose the set up.


That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.