Re-arrange categories for greater relevance

Since this is a many-to-many communications medium, most of the time people who come here are seeking help or have a question or an idea to share; they’re not as likely to be wanting general information about news and releases and such. But currently the most used categories are not on top. I’d recommend rectifying that by re-arraging the categories as follows:

  • Help
  • Community
  • Brainstorm
  • Development
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Announcements
  • Local Communities
  • Staff

In this proposal, General and “Site Feedback” are also deleted; see Delete "General" category and Delete "site feedback" category

Thats how it looks like for me already. Except that development and brainstorm are switched and I dont know where staff is since users cant see it.

Personally I would put Announcements higher, maybe below help.

Got distracted while reordering. It’s now the proposed way.


Nice, thanks so much!