Redirect audio to remote server

I’ll describe the problem, and then my first question is whether the issues concern Plasma or Fedora.

My laptop is running Fedora 39 and Plasma (6?)–both are fully updated with default configurations. I’m using X11, because Wayland causes multiple problems when using it to connect to a remote desktop. I’m using KRDC to RDP through an OpenVPN Access Server into a Windows Server 2019.

From the laptop, if I connect through a browser to Microsoft 365, my local audio input redirects as appropriate to the remote apps. I can dictate into the laptop, and text appears in the M365 apps. This part is good, working as expected.

The problem is connecting to the remote server. The remote server cannot find a microphone. There is no redirect from the local machine to the remote one.

How do I go about looking for a fix? Is this a F39 or KDE issue? (It occurred with previous versions of both the OS and the DE.)

(This is critical for two reasons. One is that I have to make this work to use communication apps and dictation on the terminal server. The other is that the grand plan is to migrate my firm to Linux workstations with PWAs and KRDC to manage Microsoft workflows.)

The problem is KRDC. The app, at least under Plasma 5, does not support microphone redirection.