Remote Desktop using the RDP protocol for Plasma Wayland


For Android I use bVNC Secure VNC Viewer to remote the devices.

But it seems to only support vnc, while krdp is the rdp protocol

Good question. I have only tested the Microsoft client, which unfortunately doesn’t work on my phone because it doesn’t support h264 decoding.

I tested aFreeRDP, but it showed a black screen (but xFreeRDP and win11 rdp can be used normally)

There are actually 2 different Microsoft Remote Desktop apps for Android. The current one, which is a bit slower, is active in the Play Store as Microsoft Remote Desktop. The older one, which is faster, is named Remote Desktop 8. I’m guessing only the new one has been tested, so if anyone has time, could you please sideload and test the older Remote Desktop 8 apk on Android with KRdp?

Remote Desktop 8 (don’t get the latest, as it prompts to upgrade to the New version):

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