Removing --xwayland from plasma-kwin_wayland.service results in a 30-second slowdown in the start-up time

Hi. If I remove the mention of --xwayland from /usr/lib/systemd/user/plasma-kwin_wayland.service, it will result in a 30-second slowdown in the start-up time for the plasma environment. According to journalctl logs, things like ksmserver, xembed, etc. still want X-related stuff to be available, despite the fact that Xwayland-on-demand is disabled. This is a relatively minor issue because once the plasma environment loads, everything runs fast. However, I wonder if it’s possible to do something to avoid experiencing slowdowns in the start-up time for the Plasma environment even if the Xwayland-on-demand feature is disabled. Maybe you could tell me what changes I should make to systemd files to prevent programs such as ksmserver from expecting X11-related things to function. Thank you in advance for your answers… And by the way, when Xwayland-on-demand is enabled, the plasma environment starts almost instantaneously; I just don’t want Xwayland-on-demand to be enabled.

Might I ask why?
This protocol makes it possible to run applications on wayland that is not yet ported correctly, ie x11 applications on wayland. Will even f.ex steam run without this? (maybe you don’t game though)
I’m not sure about this, but I think it is also used in global shortcuts and stuff like that.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I think it’s better to leave it in there since I think there is a bunch of stuff requiring it until either all apps have moved to wayland (witch will take a while, if ever) or proper protocols has been implemented in wayland (also take a while, but more likely to happen completely).

But then again, I could be completely wrong about this and everything I wrote above can be disregarded. xD

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I don’t play games on my computer; I only play them on my hardware console; that’s why I don’t have to think about whether certain games are available for wayland… Why do I want Xwayland-on-demand to be disabled? I guess because I am looking for the purest wayland experience possible.

Look a little deeper into what I typed earlier first so you know what you are getting yourself into. :slight_smile:

this might have changed VERY recently, idk
No flatpaks? No electron apps? Wine? etc.

Don’t know what distro you use, but there might be a neat tool called xlsclients available in your repository that you can use to see what needs xwayland on your system. :slight_smile: