Replace "Enqueue in SMPlayer" as drag and drop action?

Dragging a media file from dolphin to the opened SMPlayer mostly fails and leads to the player crashing. Even if it would work, I’d prefer not to enqueue the file but to play it immediately.

Where can I edit the settings for drag and drop actions?

Can’t reproduce the issue. Drag 'n drop to smplayer plays the file immediately.
Drag 'n drop to the playlist enqueues the file.
If you don’t want to enqueue it, then don’t. Set smplayer as default.
I even made a quick play ( preview) service for it.
Doesn’t crash either.

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Oh, you’re right, sorry for the confusion. I was hoping that when I change the drag-and-drop action it wouldn’t crash anymore.

Is it just the version of kio that is shipped with kubuntu 22.04 or is the abstract i/o layer broken in general?

I have all my project data and media on local network storage and there are so many things that fail whenever I start working with files that are not on my internal drive. Well, at least I can open media files by clicking or with the context menu.

Anyway, this is not related to this question anymore. Thanks for the answer, dzon.