Researching Multi-Format Rendering Features in Other Video Editors

Hi Kdenlive community!

I’m Ajay, and I’m currently working on a proposal to add Multi-format rendering (horizontal/vertical/square) to Kdenlive.

It would be very helpful if I could get some examples of how other video editors have implemented multi-format rendering in their UIs.

If you have access to commercial video editors that support rendering in multiple aspect ratios, I would appreciate if you could help with

  • Screenshots of the multi-format rendering settings/options.
  • Brief descriptions on how it works ( or a video) .
  • What you like or don’t like about the implementation.

I’m especially interested in workflow and usability aspects , this will help me design an good user interface and experience for Kdenlive

Thank you.

Hi Ajay, multi-format rendering exists in Kdenlive. You can create render profiles/presets for any aspect ratio. Or am I missing something here?

What this means is having a defined set of dimensions - horizontal, vertical, and square (16:9, 4:3, 1:1) - as export presets, at the export time, without having the pillarbox, so this way the user can easily repurpose an edited video for different popular platforms
I think Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve have presets to export for common social formats with just one click, the goal is to implement something similar in Kdenlive, for users who don’t want to mess with manual settings. I don’t have full details on it yet

It is one of the mid-term goal in Kdenlive roadmap


Are you working with the dev team on this?

I am still not quite sure I understand your goal, because these export presets exist even though they are not called YT this or YT that or TikTok or Twitter but more like MP4-H264/AAC, FFV1 (ffv1+flac) and so on, indicating the used codec.
DR has these presets labeled “YouTube” and “Twitter” and “Vimeo”, but they are still presets similar to what Kdenlive has. and the user can change parameters before exporting, create versions of these presets and save them.
In both applications it is one click to select the preset and a second to start the export.
So, if it is a question of creating new presets and putting them into their own category, that’s fairly easy to do, I reckon. Or do you want to change the entire user interface for the Rendering/Export dialog window?

This project is a potential candidate for Season of KDE (SoK). The idea is no about the technical format (codec), but the aspect ratio so that you can crop the project on export to export the same project/video eg. as square and 16:9 for different social media platforms

I’m probably missing something Important To The Cool Kids here - but is that actually a useful thing people do in practice? Technically, just rendering in multiple aspects doesn’t seem like a hard problem - and the One Size Fits All pipedream is always appealing to people - but Creatively, it’s hard to see a video shot in or edited for 16:9 being something nice to watch rendered in 9:16 or vice versa …

Even 16:9 ↔ 4:3 is more often than not a bit like ripping pages out of a novel and hoping it’s still worth reading unless you simply letterbox it to fit the target screen. From the creative side people choose those formats to frame the subject matter of their video … it might be interesting to have different edits of the raw footage produced (by a person re-editing and re-framing) for different formats, but a single edit just ‘blindly’ re-rendered in them all …?

(and for the OP, maybe I misread what you meant, but 4:3 isn’t ‘vertical’ - it’s the ‘old’ nearly-square ‘classical’ cinema / CRT / pre-wide LCD aspect ratio, which Is Still Better than wide or vertical for some subject material)

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