RESOLVED: Help with kalendar integration into clock widget on KDE desktop kubuntu 22.04


trying to use kalendar to view and setup events from the calendar that pops up when you click on the clock widget of a a KDE desktop.

i managed to get kalendar installed on my 22.04 jammy distro via the backports ppa and i’ve gone thru all the dependencies listed in aptitude to make sure the latest ones are installed.

even going as far as manually installing both kdepim-addons as well as libkf5akonadicalendar-bin using the sudo apt install -f command to make sure they were all in place.

yet, the behavior is not what i expect.

when i click on the clock i see a calendar with an events window pop up and i can click on the +Add button to take me to the kalendar GUI, but once i’m there none of my events are shown on the calendar view with in the GUI, nor are they shown from the widget

only if i switch to the Schedule view do they appear in the GUI.

how can i get events to appear in the calendar view of both the app GUI and the widget?

something must still be missing .

note: when i had kontact installed i was able to see events in the widget but i don’t need the power of kontact to just set some reminders, so wanted to use kalendar instead… do i need to have both installed?

UPDATE: just noticed that my events do show up in the calendar views of the GUI but the “TODAY” button takes me to Sunday view instead of Saturday (today)… so that part is working (sort of) but my widget view still shows nothing (for either day).

UPDATE: this morning after a suspend/resume cycle all seems to be working as it should… i can make new events via the +Add button from the calendar popup, events show as dots on the calendar popup and notifications appear as they should when event reminders are due.

so something about the actual day catching up to what kalendar thought was “today” seems to have aligned everything… hope this feed back is of use somehow.