[resolved] Kcalc is a usability nightmare

[edit] Okay I managed a very impressive feat.
When I set up my device the day before yesterday, I still got the old version where this was an issue.
Now the new version has been rolled out and it addresses this complaint.

Nice to see good things happening … even tho I have to say this issue has been a frustration for me for a long time.

Now the original post:

Why is kcalk trying to emulate a cheap dollar store calculator when it could try to to be a useful calculator app?

Can I please see the full formula I am typing?
Do not tell me about the well hidden panel you can find in expert mode somewhere, I know that, it does not count, because it is an essential feature for mathematical noobs like me

Can I please edit a formula without having to start from the beginning over and over and over again?

Can it please be marginally more useful than a python shell at doing calculations? Even the search bar is more helpful than the kcalc right now.

And I am not even talking about things that would actually make it useful, such as the ability to draw graphs.

Sorry for me seeming incredibly pity right now, but this is such a usability nightmare and I really do not understand why the philosophy of this app is to artificially emulate a horrible user experience.

And I know, I know. Dollar store calculators are as bad, but they have slightly more hardware limitations than a linux desktop. And I don’t see andoid forcing users to use rotary dials to do calls because phones used to be as bad.

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It’s the first time I realized that this is the case! :roll_eyes:

After pressing enter/equal, simply left click by mouse inside it


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I do not understand what you made to see the equation above the input field.
Also I want to edit my formula while typing it out.

Maybe you should upgrade, I have version 24.05.0 installed.

hm weird I am on nixos-unstalbe and have an older version, despite it being up to date on search dot nixos dot org … but good to see it is being worked on.

wow, I actually managed to complain about this right as the new version that fixed the bug was rolled out to me. Updated my system yesterday and now the input field is there.

I still wish that this would just be the default way, buy having this small field is a huge upgrade.