Right clic on timeline doesn't show Filters

I’m having issues trying to do a simple thing on a video : blur a selected area.
Tutorials show that you can add the proper filter by a right clic on the video in the timeline → Filters → Blur / enhance (not sure of the menu in english) → blur by any method.
That should show a box that could be replace or resized.
First : the right clic only shows two available filters.
Then : adding a blur filter by the Effects window blurs the whole image.
I’m using Kdenlive 23.08.1 installed both on Windows and Ubuntu (I tried the ppa and the appimage versions).
I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.
C. Bellessort

The box only shows when Edit Mode is on (for some reason it can be off when starting Kdenlive). Click the button right next to the fast forward button in the Project Monitor widget.

Right-click on a clip in the timeline only allows to quickly add a filter that has been marked as a favourite. Right-click a filter in the Effects widget and select “Add to favorites”.

In order to just blur a specific area you need a mask. Take any of the effects from the “Alpha, Mask and Keying” category that have “(mask)” in the name, add it to the clip, adjust the mask so that it covers the area you want to blur, add the blur effect you want and then add the “Mask Apply” effect.

Thanks a lot for your quick and precise answer !
C. Bellessort

I can’t any resizing box whatever effect I try to apply.
Here’s a screenshot of my kdenlive Window.


Add an Alpha shapes (Mask) before the Average Blur effect, and move the Mask Apply effect to the end of the stack.

The Alpha shapes (Mask) effect allows you to change the size of the rectangle (or ellipse or diamond depending on the shape you select) and move it around.

You may also want to check this section of the Kdenlive documentation …