Same setup with a different look

Hello all,

I recently got a new laptop and I noticed that the new kde installation (same version of the old laptop) looks a bit different in the style, borders so on.

I’m using plasma 5.27.8 with oxygen theme/stlye.
Here are the screenshot of the menu that appears with right-clic on plasma


For the quality of the screenshots, I don’t know how much idea they can give.

Thanks in advance.


font size vs icon size is the only difference i can see

click on the desktop and type icon or font and check all the settings that come up in the search result to compare and look for differences.

Without knowing anything else, it looks like the typical bad X11 scaling on Qt5 which tends to resize the text bigger than everything else on screen (especially icons)

I thinks that @redstrate is right. This is only a scaling issue.

However talking about the scaling, I need to have a global scale of 125% for the external monitor, while a global scale of 150 for the laptop monitor.

While I’m saving preferences by saving for the specific display, at the reboot I find the global scale of both monitor at the same value (the last used).
Is there a way to modify the global scale via cli by specifying the monitor so at reboot I can set an hook to solve this issue?

That’s only possible in the Wayland session, and on the “Global Scale” becomes a display-specific “Scale” slider :slight_smile:

If you still want to set the scale via cli, try using kscreen-doctor. There’s an example of setting the scale in kscreen-doctor -h.