Save password to update account data with aqbanking (hbci) in KMyMoney

I’m using KMyMoney on Ubuntu (22.04) with Modul (aqhbci) of aqbanking (6.4.3). It is possible to save the password with combination of kmymoney and aqbanking and using the pinfile?

Can I use it with kmymoney similar like this description?

Saving clear text passwords is considered insecure, hence KMyMoney does not support the pinfile approach.

Nevertheless, the development version of KMyMoney provides a mechanism relying on pass, the standard unix password manager to accomplish this task. pass uses GPG to encrypt the passwords persistently. qtpass is a tool which provides a Qt based GUI frontend to pass.

To store passwords for KBanking (the glue code between KMyMoney and AqBanking) in pass, one has to store the passwords in the KMyMoney/KBanking subfolder of the default pass store location which is ~/.password-store. Within this folder, the passwords have to be stored using specific names depending on backend.

I don’t go into the details to create your GPG key here and how to activate the gpg-agent (there are already enough descriptions on the web) and also assume, that pass is initialized. Check the pass documentation how to perform this one time action. Once that is available you can store your passwords.

Without using this method, the KBanking password widget will appear as


and with the password stored in pass it will appear with an additional icon in the edit field as


Clicking on that icon fills in the password from pass for the selected account. You may have to enter your GPG passphrase before the password is actually provided, though.

Setup for HBCI accounts:

For HBCI accounts, the names are constructed as PIN_<BLZ>_<UserID>. The values for <BLZ> and <UserID> can be found in the AqBanking User settings.

Collect the <BLZ> and <UserID> for your account(s) from the AqBanking settings within KMyMoney. I use 1234 as <BLZ> and IpwiZard as <UserID> in the following example. Please remember, that the values for <BLZ> and <UserID> are case sensitive.

Once you have the two values, you can store the password. I explain it here by using pass from the command line (but using qtpass is just as good). Execute the following command:

pass insert KMyMoney/KBanking/PIN_1234_IpwiZard

then enter and retype the password when asked by pass.

Setup for Paypal accounts:

You don’t need a <BLZ> here but only the <UserID>. The name of the key is constructed using the following pattern:


Make sure to replace all / (slashes) in the <HOME_DIR> value with _ (underscores). So /home/ipwizard will become _home_ipwizard. With my user the key becomes

The command to store the password therefore is

pass insert KMyMoney/KBanking/

(all on one line)

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This answer is very helpful. Thanks for this.

My password store is create and located in ~/.password-store/KMyMoney/KBanking. The file PIN_<BLZ>_<LOGINID>.gpg is created and contains the password.

Nevertheless, the development version of KMyMoney provides a mechanism relying on [pass
I’m using KMyMoney 5.1.2 and I can’t see the icon in relation to pass.

Is it correct that in my version this feature not implemented? If I want use this feature should I wait for a newer version or install the development version? If last, how I can install the dev version?

Thanks for your help.

KMyMoney 5.1.2 is too old and does not contain the feature. It was released on 2021-06-23 whereas the feature was only introduced on 2022-04-18. You can try to use a recent AppImage version which you can find on this web-page. It contains instructions what to do to get this working.

Make sure to use the link at the bottom of the page directing you to the nightly AppImage packages with the latest development. Your mileage may vary depending on your specific environment.

Now I use the AppImage with KMyMoney 5.1.80-358eb22ad. Pass works like your description. Thanks.

Now I have other icons and fonts and I looking for options to setup the look and feel like my previous version from apt (Ubuntu). :slight_smile:

Unfortunately other things to not work in 5.1.80 (nightly). I can’t set the category for multiple transactions. In version 5.1.2 it works fine with CTRL-A or selecting multiple transaction and edit the category for all transaction in same time.

I’m looking forward for next version and donate money for fast work. :wink: