"Screen Energy Saving" stops working, how to restart?

My screen energy saving is set to switch off after 10 minutes and usually works. Every once and a while it just stops working. How can I restart (reset) it without logging off or rebooting? Changing the time value in “settings” and applying the change doesn’t restart or reinitialize the process.

desktop PC
Kubunt 23.10 (with backports)
Plasma 5.27.10
Framework 5.112.0
Qty 5.15.10
Kernel 6.5.0-14generic (64 bit)
Graphics X11

Display turn-off after idle timeout is part of PowerDevil, KDE’s power management service. You can restart that with:

systemctl restart --user plasma-powerdevil.service

I have similar problem with latest update of KDE NEON ( Plasma 5.27.10 / Framework 5.114.0 / Qt 5.15.12 ) with Wayland.

When my desktop switch off after 10 minutes, everything is OK with my primary screen, but the secondary one goes to black (but not to energy saving since it is still backlit), and it never wake up until I unplug/plug the power cable.

Never had such problem before this update.

Both of those don’t sound great, sorry that this is happening to you.

I only got into Plasma development with Plasma 6 and am not well prepared to analyze/fix 5.27. (Also not sure if more 5.27 releases are still going to happen.) Please speak up if it’s still broken on 6.0 once you upgrade. Or file a bug for 5.27 and hope that someone will still look into it before you make the switch.

Afaik no, unless there is a serious bug:

Plasma 5 is End-Of-Life, no further releases are scheduled. In case of security issues or severe bugs, an additional release might be made.

Source: Schedules/Plasma 5 - KDE Community Wiki

So since 2 days (w/o reboot) everything works fine, I dunno why…

What I did ?

Switched primary screen from one to another => problem persisted
Switched from wayland=>X11 problem persisted.
Switched language from french to EN/US ???

So by now things works fine as before.

Didn’t have system update other than things off-topic such as SSL.

Seriously, I should switch back everything (wayland, primary-screen and language) to check. And Power on/off between each change.

But I feel like a GhostBuster’

Weird. I don’t feel like changing languages should have an effect on this kind of behavior. Glad that it’s better now, though. Maybe one of the off-topic updates ended up on-topic after all.

I have the same problem with KDEneon since the last update.
It doesn’t matter whether I use X11 or Wayland.

I don’t have this with a test installation of Kubuntu.
The KDEneon testing version also works, but has other small problems.
Does anyone know when the KDEneon testing will be released as final?
best regards

I just switched back to french, and the problem is here again :smiley:

Many thanks for the tip.
I have now noticed the same thing.
I have now uninstalled the German language pack and since then the restart works again.
I will continue to monitor this.

Would someone who’s experiencing this problem be willing to file a bug on bugs.kde.org, assuming one doesn’t exist already? It seems reproducible enough, so with the right pair of developer eyes, hopefully it can be fixed.