Scroll wheel speed slow on MX Master 3 in certain applications after update to Plasma 6 / Wayland

After updating to Plasma 6 and Wayland, my MX Master 3 scrolls at different speeds in some applications.

If I set the scroll speed in the settings so it works well for the majority of applications (e.g. Dolphin, Konsole, Chromium) it is way too slow in Firefox and funnily enough also in Solaar.

This is confusing, because Firefox is running on Wayland natively, just like all the others, so I don’t see why there should be a difference.

Am I perhaps missing some setting/package?

Any difference if the fluent…elastic;…scrolling (whatever it’s called) is disabled in FF?

No, but this (reddit .com/r/kde/comments/1beq0v4/comment/kuzihor/) comment on Reddit seemed to fix it (direct link: wiki.archlinux. org/title/Firefox/Tweaks#Mouse_and_keyboard)

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