Scrollbar overlap content in hamburger submenu

Hi all,
I am trying to solver junior bug

I have discovered that it is not some QML issue in Elisa, but rather MenuItem QML issue itself. Researching, I have found fallowing discussion
If I understood fully, it solves the problem, but it ok solution for desktop application? I’m little bit confused after reading full discussion :hushed:

Did any of you encounter this scrollbar bug before, and what is the best approach to solve it, as I didn’t find any default qml property in MenuItem/SubItem to solve it.

Snipet of the code in Elisa where I have detected the issue:

Menu {
        title: i18nc("@action:inmenu this has child menu items", "Color Scheme")
            delegate: MenuItem{
                text:"I'm item " + index


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Replied in your merge request :slight_smile:

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Yes you did. It was wild ride, and finally it is solved. Uploading MR soon :slight_smile:

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