Service types in kpackage metadata.json

Hi everyone,
I’m working on updating various things in Amarok. One type of warnings encountered during build is

warnings during generation of metainfo for org.kde.amarok.albums: 
kf.package: Invalid metadata for package structure "Amarok/ContextApplet" 
Package type "Amarok/ContextApplet" not found

I’ve tried looking for examples elsewhere, pipelines go through OK, and installation and functionality seems to be unaltered both on existing installation and on a clean system (minus the warnings fixed).

However, I’m still a bit unsure, so can anyone confirm if the fixes in commit Fixes for a number of tests, cmake files and context applet metadata. (!68) · Merge requests · Multimedia / Amarok · GitLab (and the short assessment in the commit message) look sensible and shouldn’t break anything unexpected?