Set up Online Price Source for UK gilts in kymymoney

Hello. I searched and tried to develop a price source myself but I cannot make it alone. Basically I would like to create a quote source that retrieves today gilts prices from the following page which is free and regularly updated: Basically I set up my gilts with the ISIN as identifier and in that page for every isin there is the corrispondent price. For example GB00BL68HJ26 is the isin and today’s price is 91.20. Please let me know thank you

We can give some help, but there are some things I don’t quite follow.
The starting problem for me is that extracting the price from that page requires use of the ID (ISIN.) That’s not how KMyMoney’s price updates work. It wants a page where the ID (ISIN) is part of the URL. That could be (the link for that gilt) even though it ends up resolving to something else, and also note it does not use the trailing 6) and then creating the regexes to extract the price and date. However, the price of 91.200 on the main page does not show up on the detailed page, so I don’t know which price you would use from that page.
I’ll wait for your comments on these issues before I get too deep in the weeds.

When I open the search link provided by @ostroffjh I get

which apparently contains the value of the last close.

Hello. Thanks for replying and sorry but I did not know about how complex it can be. I think H&L is the best provider of Gilts prices with regular updates. I thought that their main page with all the bonds, isin and last quotes would be enough to fetch isin and corrispondent price. Good point that the prices on that prices are not the same as the link for the single bond, I noted in that page is using the mid level between the Bid and ask on the specific bond page. But if too complicated I think the Bid price on the link page is good enough.

I mean the mid price between what they call “sell” and “buy”

Hold on. I just noticed that Yoahoo finance has also decent quotes on those uk gilts. I used the ISIN on the search and I have quotes. Since my only source that works so far is Yahoo Finance and is updating my UK stocks I tried to set up the gilts with Yahoo as source and changed as simbol I used the isin but it did not work. But at leats I think wuld be easier to feed prices from Yahoo

It worked. I used ISIN.SG and it worked. Problem solved. Thank you

Glad you got a solution. That detailed page that only showed the last closed price for you was because you looked after the market closed for the day. When I had looked, most of those that show N/A for you had real values. As you say, the previous close price might work, but there is no date on that page, so using Yahoo is good.

Thank you , I did not think to even try searching the bonds in Yahoo Finance.