Setting emoticon themes?

Hi, there used to be the possibility to set emoticon themes kde-wide (store category Emoticons - KDE Store ).
I can’t find it anywhere, is that gone? I’ve grown quite fond of my onigiri smileys over the past decade…


It’s gone now. Almost no apps actually supported this, so it was a “broken promise” setting of the type that we’re trying to remove.

popped up while reporting kmail bug… what are the odds.

Makes sense. Makes me sad, but makes sense.


Wait, does that mean that KDE programs will no longer interpret : ) etc digraphs as emoticons? Or is that moved to the input method framework?

The KDE programs that used to no longer will, right. The new way to do this is by inserting real emojis. Some KDE apps already have support for it, and others don’t Unfortunately there’s no central replacement system. Fir apps that don’t support it yet, you can call up a quick Emoji selector with Meta+period and click something in it to copy that Emoji to the clipboard, for easy pasting into a text field

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Thanks for the meta+period tip.