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My KDE Neon with themes that I created for myself :


openSUSE Tumbleweed Plasma 6 Wayland


Garuda Arch KDE 6 - Oxygen Theme


openSUSE theme.


Fedora 40 - Plasma 6 Wayland with default breeze

KaOS, Nothing theme.

What’s the resolution of the screen?

Stunning Mount Taranaki, New Zealand - Ben Roache : r/newzealand (

KDE neon, Plasma 6, Wayland, plasma-wallpaper-snow, ocean theme (for Plasma 5)

My environment
$ neofetch
            `..---+/---..`                lemon73@lemon73 
         `---.``   ``   `.---.`            --------------- 
      .--.`        ``        `-:-.         OS: KDE neon 6.0 x86_64 
    `:/:     `.----//----.`     :/-        Host: FMVD13005 
   .:.    `---`          `--.`    .:`      Kernel: 6.5.0-28-generic 
  .:`   `--`                .:-    `:.     Uptime: 22 hours, 12 mins 
 `/    `:.      `.-::-.`      -:`   `/`    Packages: 2580 (dpkg), 14 (flatpak), 12 (snap) 
 /.    /.     `:++++++++:`     .:    .:    Shell: bash 5.1.16 
`/    .:     `+++++++++++/      /`   `+`   Resolution: 1920x1080 
/+`   --     .++++++++++++`     :.   .+:   DE: Plasma 6.0.4 
`/    .:     `+++++++++++/      /`   `+`   WM: kwin 
 /`    /.     `:++++++++:`     .:    .:    Theme: Breeze-Dark [GTK2], Breeze [GTK3] 
 ./    `:.      `.:::-.`      -:`   `/`    Icons: breeze-dark [GTK2/3] 
  .:`   `--`                .:-    `:.     Terminal: konsole 
   .:.    `---`          `--.`    .:`      CPU: Intel i3-4160 (4) @ 3.600GHz 
    `:/:     `.----//----.`     :/-        GPU: Intel 4th Generation Core Processor Family 
      .-:.`        ``        `-:-.         Memory: 3468MiB / 7858MiB 
         `---.``   ``   `.---.`

March 2024 ~ Present

drawn with Krita

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Project for a friend of mine,

desktop layout

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Some 5-ish on some. Still not planning to go anywhere.


From my point of view, having plugins that show the load of system resources (CPU, RAM, I/O, etc) on the desktop background does not do much good, because precisely when you need to see them, usually the application that is “devouring resources” is going to prevent you from even being able to minimise windows. That’s why I always have the resource monitors visible on a second monitor in a panel. This way, if I notice that the computer is not responding, I can immediately see which system resource might be causing the problem.
Specifically, I use the “Resources monitor (fork)” add-on that should come standard with Plasma, but it doesn’t.

how would you know which app if it only shows the total usage?

I do pretty much the same thing as you but with the built in plasma widgets.


As you know, the user generally knows which applications may be consuming certain resources. When the system crashes due to lack of resources, it will usually happen on more than one occasion, so even if Plasma freezes, the resource monitor at least - “frozen” will show you which resource was at 100% or the most at maximum, so you will repeat the scenario in which that failure occurred but this time - in my case - I will keep the full system monitoring application open on the second monitor.

In other words, the widget serves as a guide. For example, when I have a lot of Firefox windows and tabs open or when I am working with multi-layered images or multi-level videos, with a simple glance at my right monitor, I know if I am close to running out of RAM and therefore, the system will pull SWAP and everything will slow down. Also, the widget consumes less resources than the system monitor itself.

Often tried to add application icons but it’s so much faster to just type their names and not having to arrange them. Additionally, I just Meta+[1,2,3…] to open very frequent applications so I rarely need to find something.