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Hello. How to share your screen like in gnome. In French: Comment diviser l'écran dans Ubuntu GNOME - Maniac Geek
nothing in settings and display

There is a tiling “effect” in system settings, under workspace behaviour.

It seems to me that you are referring to the different offices that exist, but I am trying to share my screen as if I had two

No, I’m not talking about virtual desktops, I’m talking about window tiling, which is what I believe (by looking at the images because I don’t know French) the page you linked is explaining.

Plasma’s tiling is a bit more potent than Gnome’s though, you can enable it by navigating to System Settings > Workspace Behaviour > Desktop Effects > Tiling Editor.

If you find the Tiling Editor too advanced for your needs, you can still do some basic tiling by dragging and dropping a window to the screen edges. To enable this feature, visit: System Settings > Workspace Behaviour > Screen Edges > Tiling. Or search for “screen edges” in krunner.

I don’t understand what it’s for. If I open the LibreOffice slideshow I don’t have this dual screen effect

Not 100% sure what you are asking. If you want to project one screen onto another (e.g. connected a laptop to a projector) then press Meta + P and a dialog should appear showing the screen sharing options. I think there is also a button the the system tray that opens this dialog.

I don’t have the physical space to put 2 screens. I wanted to split mine into 2 to simulate a 2nd screen

I think this might be an example of the A/B problem. Instead of just saying you want to split the screen to simulate two screens, tell us why you want to do this. I probably misunderstand what you actually want to do, because I think you can just run two programs, and manipulate the size of each window to fill half the screen. Can you tell us why this won’t do what you want?

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Yes indeed, you can share your screen by reducing the size of the windows. It is only for LibreOffice at the slideshow level that this poses a problem for me. There are features that do not appear on a single screen. I think I made a lot of noise about not much. Please excuse me.

You have done nothing to excuse. I wonder if we have a translation problem. Sharing your screen is something you do in a videoconference program such as Zoom or Jitsi Meet, when you make your screen (or often just one program) available to be seen by the others in the meeting. Is your problem that you want to get LibreOffice slide show to not use full screen? I don’t use that part of LibreOffice, but it should be possible. Can you give an example of a feature that requires a dual or split screen?

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By default, you can divide your screen to 4 parts, check if this option is enabled

Then grab any window and move it to [top/bottom] left/right, or do it via customized shortcuts

You can also do it via advanced tiling introduced in latest Plasma by pressing Meta+T, see Smart windows: Tiling with KDE Plasma 5.27 - TUXEDO Computers

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Oh, I think I get what you are saying, however, the slideshow of LibreOffice can’t be used in split screen mode because it runs in full screen. But with Plasma there is a simple trick to make it possible (and for many other full screen applications), look:

Basically, you exit full screen via the Alt+F3 menu to ask Plasma to give you a window of the size of your whole monitor; this way you can move it by holding Meta key and left click dragging, like any other window.

Check Window Management > Window Behaviour > Window Actions for your actual shortcut if it doesn’t work.

You can also do it via advanced tiling introduced in latest Plasma by pressing Meta+T =

It’s good, but after ?
“esc” = cancel
“enter” = nothing
“tab” = nothing

@eridani I undestand but i think that impossible with the slideshow of LibreOffice

Thank you very much for your help. You are nice

After clicking on Meta+T and dividing your screen space to multiple zones, then you click on Esc to return to your desktop, after you grab any opened window while pressing Shift key and move it to any target zone.

Thank’s @medin It’s very good. It’s a maximum.

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